Stavros Anthony:



As a Las Vegas city councilman, Stavros has worked to make Ward 4, our city and our county a great place to live. He’s not reluctant to take on controversial issues and fight for you.

  • HOV Lanes – The 24/7 format was unpopular from the beginning. Stavros was the leader who stepped up, wrote an ordinance and got it passed seeking to end HOV Lane restrictions.
  • The ‘TRASH’ Tax – When the city council voted to pass a new monthly tax on residents’ garbage bills, Stavros voted against the new fee. He was especially disappointed that the fee increases as voted on without letting the public know in advance and getting their input.
  • Stopped the Park ‘Money Grab’ – Nine new city parks exist today because Stavros spoke out against taking $60 million in tax dollars earmarked for new parks and giving it to developers for their own private projects.
  • Saving lives in Emergencies – Stavros response time in an emergency was critical. He responded by getting funding and building Fire and Rescue Station 107 in Sun City Summerlin, providing residents with their own emergency unit.
  • Neighborhood integrity – Stavros stepped in and helped the residents of Cliff Shadows and Lone Mountain keep a large grocery/gaming/gas station off their corner.


  • Safer Streets – New traffic signals, median island improvements, mid-block pedestrian crossings, ADA sidewalk ramps.
  • Public Safety – Document shredding events, Hazardous Waste drop-off, neighborhood clean-ups, Night-Out with Metro.
  • Helping our most needy – Initiatives, action and support for Veterans, seniors, the homeless.

With great teamwork, Ward 4 has made significant quality of life improvements the past 10 years and I’m very proud to have led that effort.

As a consensus and team builder, Stavros Anthony has worked with city staff, community volunteers, and the residents to make Ward 4 a great place to live. Stavros will use this same blueprint as District C’s commissioner.