Stavros Anthony



Stavros believes it’s every resident’s right to live in a neighborhood that is safe. He’ll work with Metro to ensure that each community has effective patrols and a police presence, as well as a strong link of communication with their local command center.

Stavros will encourage citizen-led neighborhood programs for awareness and notification.

But safe also means clean, well-kept neighborhoods. No unkempt abandoned houses where squatters can live or drug activity can take place. No graffiti, overgrown yards, broken windows or junk cars on streets or driveways.


Education is the foundation of our community. Quality education equates to quality jobs and promising futures for our citizens. Our education system from K-12 and higher education has underperformed for decades.

Stavros will place education as a priority in District C and all of Clark County. While new funding will be a option, Stavros will first look to efficiency and accountability at CCSD before considering any proposals for an increase in taxes for education. He will not allocate tax dollars to a school system that is inefficient and ineffective.


Stavros is well-aware that District C is one of the fast growing in Clark County. But he believes that growth is only a problem if you’re unprepared to handle it.

Specifically for District C, Stavros will form an advisory committee of citizens, business owners and community organizations to provide their input on future growth, including leap frog growth and the need for infill development. Not a policy-setting committee, but rather a group to provide Stavros with insight into how the people who live and work in District C envision growth before it takes place.


Stavros has been a staunch supporter of our veterans and programs to support them.

He believes it’s time for a single county agency dedicated to veterans and their needs. One stop where they can receive guidance and support for housing, medical, receiving VA benefits, employment opportunities and other resources. This agency will coordinate with local organizations who are already working to stem the tide of Veterans’ homelessness, unemployment and inadequate housing.


Efficiency, transparency and accountability in spending your tax dollars will be a top priority for Stavros. The County government should be funded well enough to provide quality, essential services, but should refrain from becoming too big, too costly, or too burdensome.

Just as he advocated at the city, Stavros is a budget hawk and believes in responsible budgeting without the waste or lining the pockets of special interests. Then the budget will have funds for police and fire, infrastructure and growth, business development and job growth.


When an emergency arises, our citizens immediately look to our First Responders for help. From personal experience, Stavros knows that our police, fire, and paramedics need the resources to respond with quick, effective emergency services and care.

For the overall Public Safety of our community, Stavros is unwavering in his support of law enforcement, fire and rescue, paramedics, corrections and the military.


A longtime advocate of the role parks, recreation and leisure activities play in the development of our quality of life in Clark County, Stavros will continue his work for budget dollars to provide for these essential services.

Across the broad expanse of District C, Stavros wants to ensure every neighborhood has access to either a new park or an existing park that has been renovated and improved. In addition, facilities and organizations that can host leisure events, concerts, sports activities and more will be encouraged to come forward to present ideas and seek our support.


No single entity can solve the terrible crisis that homelessness has become.

Stavros wants to form a Committee on Homelessness which would bring together all Southern Nevada governments with homeless advocates, non-profits, health care and mental health professionals, and the business community to collectively begin an earnest joint effort to resolve this human tragedy.


For Stavros, so many of our traffic problems are created due to a policy that is ‘reactive’ instead of ‘proactive’. And when that happens, that leaves little time for research, proper planning and common sense solutions.

Stavros want to see greater outreach to the public. An ongoing, proactive communication program that will inform the public, and answer any questions, well in advance of road projects. Not as projects begin, but on a regular basis.

Also, real answers and decisions are needed on light rail, the monorail extension, managing ride-share, community bus shuttles and more.


Our growth isn’t slowing anytime soon, and Stavros wants to address our current and future water needs immediately.

The work to research and develop innovative solutions must be a top priority. Stavros will prioritize the search for more efficient systems, as well as finding other opportunities to find and tap into additional resources. Stavros will also support and strengthen the ongoing effort to encourage conservation awareness and participation.

Doing the right thing as an elected official means looking at your decisions through the eyes of your constituents.

Stavros Anthony has never put special interests before the interests of the people he represents. He cares about what matters to them and listens to their concerns. Then he takes action.